Moving Animal Sheltering Forward: Individuality Takes the Lead

Shelters are in the business of sending pets home. If our goal is to provide shelter dogs with the best care during their stays, save more lives, and make better matches for adopters, we have to focus on their individual pet qualities first and foremost. That’s why we were discouraged to read the latest blog […]

2012: Proof Positive

  On the final day of 2012, let’s celebrate a year filled with positive and progressive changes for “pit bull” dogs.   In 2012 we saw a growing trend of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) being repealed, rejected, and overturned. Ohio removed statewide BSL by signing HB 14 into law. Massachusetts enacted a preemptive ban against […]

Victims of Cruelty are Individuals Too

Every dog is an individual, regardless of their past, and all dogs deserve to be evaluated, free of biases and assumptions based on their looks, breed, or how they were previously treated. Dogs rescued from dog fighting are victims of cruelty, but they are still individuals first and they deserve fair treatment. The National Animal Control Association, […]

Holiday Photo Challenge: Help Us Make 2013 the Year of the Majority!

With Thanksgiving behind us, Hanukkah beginning this weekend, and Christmas and New Years on the way, the holidays are on our minds! Plans for family get-togethers, office parties, and adoption events are filling our calendars. It got us thinking that with all of this socializing on the horizon: it’s time to launch a holiday photo challenge! […]

Changing the Conversation: A Message for Advocates

If you work or volunteer with dogs, you probably know by now that the overwhelming majority of “pit bull” dog owners are regular, everyday folks. But are we, the experts in the animal welfare field, communicating this to the public? Or are we reinforcing the very same stereotypes and fears that we’re working to change? Dog fighting, thugs, gang […]

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