2012: Proof Positive


Animal Farm Foundation: 2012 Pit Bull Dog

On the final day of 2012, let’s celebrate a year filled with positive and progressive changes for “pit bull” dogs.


In 2012 we saw a growing trend of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) being repealed, rejected, and overturned. Ohio removed statewide BSL by signing HB 14 into law. Massachusetts enacted a preemptive ban against BSL. The American Bar Association urged the repeal of BSL.

Shelters around the country stepped up for “pit bull” dogs by changing their adoption policies. Organizations that formerly banned them from the adoption floor are now opening up kennels for “pit bull” dogs. Shelters that were already adopting out “pit bull” dogs, but with heavy restrictions, are now removing cumbersome policies that stood in the way of adoptions. More organizations are evaluating dogs as individuals, including “pit bull” dogs rescued from cruelty cases, such as fight busts. Advocates are reaching out to provide owner support, education, and resources in under-served neighborhoods.

The media and advertising world caught on that “pit bull” dogs are family and published books (Ken Foster’s I’m a Good Dog), print and online articles (Martha Stewart Living Magazine “Adopting the Right Dog” and many more), and countless catalogues, product advertisements, commercials featured “pit bull” dogs. Individuals and families are stepping up to claim their place as The Majority – telling the world that stereotypes don’t apply here!

We believe that this wave of positive progress is only the beginning! We hope that, despite any challenges and setbacks we may still be facing, the successes of 2012 will buoy us all as we move forward in our work to create a better world for “pit bull” dogs and the people that love them. We’re so excited about the coming year because we know that, with your help, things are going to continue to improve for “pit bull” dogs and their families.


Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2013: The Year of the Majority!


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