Sanctuary Farm Animals

Our core focus is on creating inclusive communities for people and their dogs, but preventing the suffering of any individual is important. Because we are located on a large farm, we provide sanctuary for rescued and retired cows, horses, and occasionally other animals. Some farm animals are with us for a short time if moving them to a pet home is a possibility, but for the most part, once they arrive, they stay with us for their natural life.

We hope that interacting with friendly, funny, character-filled farm animals will increase awareness among visitors about the cruelty of factory farming. When we can see the animals as individuals, we will care more about their suffering.

The Cows

Our cows come from a variety of situations, some were rescued slaughter, others came to us because of family hardships. They will all live out their lives here at the farm.

The Horses

The horses at the farm are retired riding horses, some of which were set to be slaughtered due to their high cost of care. We have brought them to our farm where they can happily live out their lives.