New Loves

Giving old dogs a safe place to land​


The Old Friends New Loves Program

Age shouldn’t be a factor for whether or not a shelter dog gets to go home. As dogs get older, their chances of being overlooked in a shelter increase. Our Old Friends New Loves program gives these senior shelter dogs a safe place to land. 

At the farm, they can share all of their favorite pastimes with us. Our hope, though, is that they will live out their retirement years with a family. With age comes wisdom and our senior dogs have some funny stories to tell. They know the best spot to lay down is the one that leaves you with as little room as possible, giving you no choice but to cuddle close to keep them warm. These dogs have had years to master the infamous puppy dog eyes that they know will make you want to give them the last bite of your sandwich.

The dogs in our care will live in a home-like environment that best suits their personal needs. Whether they prefer to lounge the day away on a couch, take a leisurely stroll through the property’s farmland, or keep our office staff company while making sure they meet all their deadlines, these pups will have all of their daily needs met.

If you are interested in fostering a senior shelter dog, please reach out to us for more information. Senior Dogs make great new additions to families. 

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