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Shelter Support

Helping people help animals

Animal Farm Foundation is fully committed to enhancing the lives of dogs currently in shelters. AFF extends its efforts in providing assistance to shelter staff on both a local and national level, with the ultimate goal of getting the dogs in their care home faster. 


AFF offers onsite, hands-on training for shelters in our local community. Our certified-trainers work directly with shelter staff to teach them the necessary tools to better improve the lives of their dogs, including implementing playgroups and kennel enrichment initiatives. 


We are dedicated to helping shelters across the country offer the best possible care for their dogs. By providing evidence-based and progressive policies through our online toolkits, we are able to make a greater impact to a larger audience. Please stay tuned for national shelter consulting opportunities. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our podcast for the latest news and announcements.


Onsite Training for Local shelters

Animal Farm Foundation offers complimentary consulting services to local shelters in and around the Hudson Valley area

Our goal is to assist your organization in adjusting policies and practices to expedite dog adoptions, reduce unnecessary stress on team members, and elevate the overall quality of care for all dogs in your facility. 

We conduct evaluations of your daily operations and create action plans to work toward improvements. We work directly with staff and volunteers in each department to ensure everyone understands the benefits of our recommended changes and receives the required training. Fill out a pre-assessment questionnaire below to get started!

Contact if you have any additional questions.

become a shelter partner

WHat to expect

Our collaboration will start with a planning and strategy stage. During this phase we will discuss how to proceed with any changes, ensuring that all of our recommendations and training align with the unique needs of your organization. Once we mutually agree on a plan we will move forward with the following:

01  Adoption & Marketing

We’ll examine your adoption process from intake to outcome. Our team will delve into your practices and policies to identify any barriers that may prevent dogs from finding potential adopters. This will involve a comprehensive review of your marketing, website, social media pages, and bio’s as well as the language you use.

02  Basic Handling & Training

Your team will work directly with one of our trainers to determine the best approaches for managing the dogs in your care. This will include learning techniques for handling exuberant dogs in kennels, leash etiquette, and other basic skills to enhance your dogs’ presentation for potential adopters. 

03  Enrichment

We will aid your team in crafting a customized enrichment program tailored to your shelter’s specific requirements. This will include elements such as “click for quiet,” enrichment toys, and personalized enrichment for individual dogs.

04  Playgroups

Your staff and volunteers will work directly with AFF to learn how to establish and maintain a successful playgroup setup. We’ll explain how you can learn more about the dogs in your care from playgroup interactions. 

05  Behavioral Evaluations

We will review the existing procedures used to assess the dogs in your care. We’ll then guide you in implementing effective protocols that will help everyone better understand a dog’s personality in a shelter setting.

Making an impact

Past Work with Shelter Partners

Our collaborations with other shelters has allowed us to meet a wide variety of people who are passionate about the work they do. Assisting these organizations with altering their policies has not only helped shelter workers understand the needs of their animals better but has also allowed for more animals to find loving homes.

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