Shelter Support

Helping people help animals

Animal Farm Foundation is fully committed to enhancing the lives of dogs currently in shelters. AFF extends its efforts in providing assistance to shelter staff on both a local and national level, with the ultimate goal of getting the dogs in their care home faster.

Our sheltering toolkits and resources cover a wide-range of important topics relevant in animal welfare. Check them out below to learn more!


AFF offers onsite, hands-on training for shelters in our local community. Our certified-trainers work directly with shelter staff to teach them the necessary tools to better improve the lives of their dogs, including implementing playgroups and kennel enrichment initiatives. 


We are dedicated to helping shelters across the country offer the best possible care for their dogs. By providing evidence-based, progressive and inclusive policies on a virtual platform, we are able to make a greater impact for multiple different shelters. 


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