Florida’s Landmark Legislation: From Breed Bans to Boundless Opportunities

the maimi three

In December 2022, three dogs, Jambo, Ernie, and Miss Pearl, embarked on a life-changing journey from Miami-Dade County, Florida to Animal Farm Foundation in New York State. These dogs departed the Miami-Dade Shelter under the understanding that finding homes for them would be challenging, not due to their behavior but solely based on their appearance. All three dogs could have fallen under the label “pit bull” mix; a designation that banned them from being adopted to families in the Miami-Dade community.

 However, their stories took a remarkable turn for the better. Today, we not only celebrate their inspiring journeys but also applaud the recent bill passed in Florida, set to eliminate these breed-specific restrictions effective October 2023, signifying a significant stride towards fostering equitable and inclusive dog adoption practices. (Check out a Reel of the trio arriving at AFF)



Jambo, with his gentle demeanor and loving nature, has found his calling as a therapy dog for The Good Dog Foundation. After leaving the Miami-Dade Shelter, he became an ambassador of compassion, spreading joy and healing wherever he goes. Jambo’s innate ability to connect with people has made him an invaluable asset, as he provides comfort to those in need. Whether it’s assisted living, community centers, or just hanging on the couch with his family, Jambo has touched the lives of many individuals, offering solace and support during challenging times. His story is a testament to the power of empathy and the remarkable contributions dogs can make to people’s lives. (Check out a reel of Jambo working on this Therapy dog skills)


Living His Best Life on 25 Acres

Ernie’s journey from Miami-Dade County led him to a life of freedom and happiness. Today, he resides on 22 sprawling acres of land, with a private lake, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Ernie’s adopter reports that Ernie became an instant member of the family and is BFFs with their 7-year-old son and his canine brother, Burt (yes, you read that right). Ernie’s new home offers him the space and freedom to explore, run, and play to his heart’s content. With every joyful bark and every wag of his tail, Ernie embodies the sheer bliss that comes from finding a home filled with love and care. His story reminds us of the transformative power of adoption and the immeasurable joy that dogs bring into our lives.

Miss PEarl

A Senior Dog's Final Days of Bliss

Miss Pearl, a wise and charismatic senior dog, spent her final days on comfortable couches, doing what she loved most—bossing around all the younger dogs. After leaving the Miami-Dade Shelter, she found a place where her seniority was celebrated and cherished. Miss Pearl enjoyed a life of relaxation and contentment, surrounded by loving foster parents who recognized her wisdom and embraced her unique personality. Her story is a heartwarming reminder that every dog, regardless of age or appearance, deserves a chance to spend their twilight years in comfort and happiness. (Check out a reel of Miss Pearl in physical therapy)

The Impact of SB942:
A Statewide Preemption on BSL in Florida

Jambo, Ernie, and Miss Pearl would have made a wonderful addition to any family, were they given the opportunity to be adopted within their local community. Miami-Dade missed out on these dogs, along with many others who were either relocated elsewhere or, in a worse scenario, euthanized if placement could not be established. Thankfully now, all Florida residents get to decide which dog is right for their family. The recent passing of Florida’s SB942 law has led to a statewide preemption on BSL, eradicating discriminatory restrictions, and allowing the Miami-Dade shelter to promote equitable and inclusive dog adoption practices. This pivotal legislation is a testament to the growing acknowledgment that BSL lacks scientific validity and is an infringement on constitutional rights.

Thanks to this landmark law, families residing in Miami-Dade County will have an equitable chance to embrace dogs like Jambo, Ernie, and Miss Pearl as beloved members of their household. A choice that will be made based on their individual merits, rather than unjust bias and stereotypes based on their appearance.

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