Take Our They Are Individuals Challenge and Tear Up Those Breed Posters

We’re putting a bounty on breeds of the world posters in shelters and veterinary offices. If you have this poster, we want you to tear it down and let everyone know that you view dogs as individuals by posting a video to social media. Make sure to tag Animal Farm Foundation in your post and in return, we’ll send you personalized and co-branded posters highlighting the fact that all dogs are individuals.

For years, shelters and veterinarians were given illustrated breeds of the world posters and told to use it to define the dogs in their care. But now, science has shown us that dogs, no matter their breed or breed mix are individuals and that visually identifying a dog’s breed is nothing more than a guess, a guess that research shows is wrong 75% of the time.

Let’s break the breed label habit and tear down those stereotypes and misguided visual identifications. Let’s view the dog in front of us.

Once you film and post yourself or your staff tearing up a breeds of the world poster, we’ll send you customized posters that will inform potential adopters the dogs in your care are individuals.

Fulton County Animal Services was the first to take our They Are Individuals challenge. This is one of the posters we made for them.

Stop relying on visual breed identification and we’ll make one for you.

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