Here’s the Good News about BSL in 2016

Breed Specific Legislation was a hot topic this year with all of the news surrounding Montreal’s BSL. Although things did not turn out as we’d all hoped with Montreal, the fight there is not over. But in the states, the fight is over for two cities – Shawnee, KS and Hubbard, IA. Why is the […]

Prince George’s County: High Price Paid For Failed Breed Ban

In May of 2015, Animal Farm Foundation transported six “pit bull” dogs from Prince George’s County in Maryland to our shelter in New York. The dogs were well-behaved, healthy, friendly, and played well with other dogs. So why did we need to transport them 300+ miles instead of being adopted out of their Maryland shelter? Because […]

Fighting BSL: How One Person Can Make a Difference

If you’ve ever thought that one person can’t make a difference, we encourage you to read this interview with Gerald “Jerry” Sager!  A lawyer originally from South Dakota, Jerry was a major force behind the 2014 passing of South Dakota’s SB 75 which bans breed specific legislation on the state level. South Dakota joins 17 […]

The Buck Stops Here: Ending The Cycle Of Canine Discrimination

We really love “pit bull” dogs here at AFF. To accomplish our mission, we work to remove discriminatory policies in shelters, in our law books, and much more. But here’s the secret to our work: it doesn’t just benefit “pit bull” dogs. The overarching goal for us is not only to fulfill our mission to secure equal […]

There Is No Us vs. Them, We All Want Safe Communities

In February of 2013, House Bill 5287 and Senate Bill 178, were introduced in Rhode Island. The companion bills called for state-wide regulation of the ownership of “pit bull” dogs and would have required, among other things, mandatory insurance, confinement, muzzling, and banned from walked within 100 feet of a school, and other severe restrictions. […]

Tackling Discriminatory Policies: The Vacation Edition

The Northeast was hit by a blizzard this week, so to take our minds off of the weather we’ve decided to start daydreaming about our summer vacations! We love hitting the road with our dogs, but occasionally we run into discriminatory policies that threaten to put a damper on our family fun. Since so many of us […]

Education, Advocacy, Action: How Iowa is Defeating BSL

It has never been easier to defeat Breed Specific Legislation. With dedication, thorough thinking, and cooperation you can be successful. In 2012 we saw a growing trend of repeals, rejections, and overturned BSL across the country. Recently in Iowa two communities were able to remove BSL from their towns. We wanted to find out more about these success stories, […]

BSL is Contagious. Speak Up Now.

Despite the positive trend we saw in 2012 (more discriminatory laws were repealed or rejected than passed last year), Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) remains a problem in communities around the world and, as we’re seeing in Maryland and Boston, it’s having a serious impact on families right now. Here’s what we need you all to know: BSL doesn’t happen in a vacuum. […]

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