One K9 Team Is Bringing A Texas Community Together

We post about the K9s funded through our Detection Dog Grant Program frequently. But through all of the cute pictures of dogs and the media articles, you never get an in-depth look at what life is like for these K9 teams.

Because we know the entire internet has fallen in love with K9 Coco (click the link to follow her on Instagram), we asked Officer Dave Contreras to come on the Individual Animal to talk about what it’s like to be K9 Coco’s other half.

We learned that Officer Contreras also teaches Criminal Justice at the high school! Sometimes Coco acts as his T.A., but her cute-factor can be distracting to the students, so she doesn’t make an appearance every day.

We can’t blame the students… she’s Cute Level 10.

Smash that play button on the podcast player and find out more details on K9 Coco and Officer Contreras.


You can access a transcript of the podcast via closed-captions on YouTube.

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