From Shelter Dogs to Police Dogs, 5 K9s Who Saved the Day in 2016

Our Detection Dog Program, in partnership with Universal K9, swept the internet and made headlines earlier this year when the ASPCA granted her their public service award. But, our other police detection dogs deserve some of the spotlight, too.

We asked Brad Croft, the founder of Universal K9, to put together his list of the top 5 detection dogs from this year. Here’s who made the grade:

#1 K9 Wilson – Normangee Police Department, Texas

Handler – Chief Charles Herford

Source: Universal K9
Source: Universal K9

This over achieving pup ranks number one on our list because his keen detection skills resulted in multiple felony arrests. K9 Wilson is cross trained in narcotics/tracking and he excels at both (obviously!). He and his handler continue to protect the community they serve in.

#2 K9 Ace – Superior Police Department, Arizona

Handler – Officer Bryan Lawrence

Source: Universal K9
Source: Universal K9

K9 Ace came to Universal K9 through Austin Pets Alive! He appears totally mellow and chill until you bring out a ball for him to play with and then he kicks his energy into high gear! This is a great mix of attributes for a detection dog. K9 Ace proved his skills early on when he found a kilo of meth after being on the job for only a few weeks. 

#3 K9 Piglet – Leech Lake Tribal Police Department, Minnesota

Handler – Officer Travis Kemp

Source: Universal K9
Source: Universal K9

Don’t let his cute name fool you, this amazing dog, who originated from the ACS Foster Team in San Antonio Texas, found 1 kilo of meth on his 3rd day on the job! This pup’s nose definitely has some major skills!

#4 K9 Tweaker – Grimes County Police Department, Texas

Handler – Steven Siracusa

Source: Universal K9
Source: Universal K9

K9 Tweaker is another pup from Austin Pets Alive! Her nose isn’t her only great quality. K9 Tweaker loves to solves problems, a trait she was happy to show of in school, where she was top of her class in playing training games. 

#5 – K9 Mollie – Appalachia, Virginia PD

Handler – Officer Kenneth Joyner

Source: Universal K9

This little girl’s hails from the Buster Foundation. Her journey with Universal K9 for narcotics training gave her a stable home and a great job. After a few short weeks on the job K9 Mollie and her handler are cleaning up the drugs in their town of Appalachia, Virginia.

We have full details on our detection dog program on our website. You can get current updates on these amazing K9s on our Facebook page and also on Universal K9’s page.

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