Oh hey, Toast! The most versatile snack or addition to any meal, this old man is no exception. In fact, we don’t think he would oppose a side of farm fresh eggs as well. Don’t let his age fool you, he still has a spunky side. His best is yet to crumb! Take home this cuddle-bug of a senior today!


Jerry is visiting the farm for some R&R from Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, where he resided for about 400 days. He is just under 2 years old, so that means he has been in a shelter for more than half his young life. Jerry is taking a break from the stressful shelter environment to work on building his confidence here at the farm. He has a bit of stranger danger but enjoys the company of other dogs. We’ve quickly gotten to know his silly side and can’t wait to share his progress along the way!


Meet old man Lincoln: not to be confused with the famous president, although the resemblance is striking! Toys are Lincoln’s favorite thing…along with stuffies, balls…did we mention toys? And of course every human he meets is met with a presidential tail wag!

Moira Rose

Former mama dog, current goofball of the farm, this senior lady is a newly converted country girl from the big city. Moira has never met a stranger she hasn’t instantly fallen in love with. She is a proud 70lb lap dog and will always happily help herself to any available lap she can find. Moira is known for her loud snorts and the adorable tongue she can’t quite keep in her mouth!


As her name suggests, this sweet girl will instantly melt in your lap as she enjoys some cuddles on a warm summer day. Popsicle, aka “Poppy”, is a fabulous walking partner if you love to be out and about. Everyone loves Ms. Poppy!


Kylo is quite the distinguished gentleman who has aged like the finest of wines. He’s your typical old Italian man; loud, opinionated and a little but hairy! All Kylo is missing is a gold chain and a comfy recliner in the living room. Interested in taking this senior sweetheart home? Fill out an adoption survey today!

Gorgeous George

George has relocated to the farm from the good ole south. What he lacks in teeth he makes up in tail wags! Instead of yelling at you to get off his lawn, he’ll be inviting the neighbors over for some sweet tea and stories. Gorgeous George is the epitome of a southern gentleman. Adopt this adorable senior boy today!

Sheriff Cash

There’s a new sheriff in town! Sheriff Cash recently came to the farm from NYC. He’s currently recovering from kennel cough, so he’s not ready to be available for adoption just yet. Check back in with us as we get to know this adorable meatball!


Chop is the goofball of the farm and will be sure to get you laughing! Everyone he meets becomes his best friend. He’s just a happy go lucky guy who enjoys the simple things in life. He’d especially love to ride shotgun with you on a trip to your local dog friendly store!


Former mama dog to current boss lady of the farm, Sherryl is one of a kind! She enjoys her humans so much that she would love nothing more than to spend all her days cuddled up with you on the couch. It’s her favorite spot to be! She also likes to go on leisurely strolls out in nature and would make a fantastic walking partner!

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