Sheriff Cash

There’s a new sheriff in town! Sheriff Cash recently came to the farm from NYC. He’s currently recovering from kennel cough, so he’s not ready to be available for adoption just yet. Check back in with us as we get to know this adorable meatball!


Chop is the goofball of the farm and will be sure to get you laughing! Everyone he meets becomes his best friend. He’s just a happy go lucky guy who enjoys the simple things in life. He’d especially love to ride shotgun with you on a trip to your local dog friendly store!


Former mama dog to current boss lady of the farm, Sherryl is one of a kind! She enjoys her humans so much that she would love nothing more than to spend all her days cuddled up with you on the couch. It’s her favorite spot to be! She also likes to go on leisurely strolls out in nature and would make a fantastic walking partner!


Meet Stan the Man! Stanley is a world class snuggler and is not picky when choosing a cuddle partner. Whether it be a canine or human friend, he’ll cozy up to anyone! This old man enjoys a nice leisurely stroll like any senior guy would, but his favorite place to be is in your lap. While he’s a bit of a snorer, he would make an excellent addition to your Netflix and Chill night!


Jambo is the life of the party here at the farm! He loves to get rowdy with all of his dog friends and run around playing fetch in the yard. At the end of the day Jambo is ready for some snuggles with his humans; this big boy double as a body pillow!


This 3 year old boy is full of energy! He is enjoying playgroups with the dogs here at AFF, as well as lots of sleepovers with our staff. Chase prefers a quieter house with a confident dog friend to show him the ropes. Did we mention cookies? He loves his treats and will work hard to get them!