Meet Roxy! This adorable girl recently made her way to the farm from the West Coast. We’re still getting to know her so check back in as we learn more!


Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes! Meet Leonardo, the four-legged hero with a shell-icious personality. Born to bring laughter and joy, he’s a doggo on a mission to find a loving home that will embrace his ninja turtle spirit. If there’s one thing Leo knows how to do, it’s having an absolute blast! With his energized tail wagging as fast as a kung-fu kick, Leo is a master at winning hearts. Whether you’re a fan of Nunchaku or just looking for a rad dog to make every day an epic party, Leo is here to lend a paw!


Meet Onyx! This sweet girl recently made her way to the farm from the West Coast. We’re still getting to know her so check back in as we learn more!


Meet Medio, our pint-sized princess who’s traded sunny beaches for the serene charm of farm life. This West Coast wonder is ready to bring her unique blend of coastal chill and newly acquired cowgirl vibes to a loving home. Don’t let her size fool you; this little lady is overflowing with love and snuggles. Medio may be small in size, but her ability to steal hearts is off the charts! Looking for a pocket-sized BFF? Then Medio is the girl for you!


Meet Monty! This handsome boy recently made his way to the farm from the West Coast. We’re still getting to know him so check back in as we learn more!


Toad is a senior sweetheart who is sure to hop into your heart! His love for playtime is no frog-tale and he’ll croak you up with his silly antics. Ready to jump into a new adventure? Adopt Toad and your home will feel like his own lilypad!


Tulip is one cool canine who’s always in bloom! This senior sweetheart enjoys nothing more than lounging on the couch, taking it easy, and cuddling up with her favorite humans. Don’t let her relaxed personality fool you, she still has a playful side that’s sure to make your heart blossom. Come meet Tulip today and see how her sweet spirit shines like sunshine on a summer day!


Are you ready for a four-legged goofball to be your partner in crime? Look no further than Winnie! This fun-loving lady has won hearts left and right while here at the farm. She adores meeting new people and gives the best hugs. Her playful and silly personality makes her the paw-fect sidekick for any outdoor activity. Winnie is a cuddle bug at heart and can’t wait to curl up with a new BFF after a long day of adventure. Come meet Winnie today!


Meet Drake! This lovable guy will be sure to make you laugh with his goofy personality. He’s our social butterfly and can usually be found hanging out with one of his canine friends. Bring home this ray of sunshine today!


Move aside Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po – there’s a new kid on the block! This middle-aged girl is sweeter than the Teletubby’s signature Tubby Custard and loves nothing more than chilling with her favorite people. She may not have a TV show named after her, but Teletubby is ready for her own spin-off as the star of your home!

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