Community Focused Ideas to Help Shelter Pets Find Homes for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! TIme for Jingle Paw Rock! Never heard of Jingle Paw Rock? We haven’t either. Literally just made it up. We make up a lot of wacko ideas for adoption promotions in this podcast. We even got some inspiration from 1960s/1970s key parties – Yes, we’re talking about swingers. Confused and possibly disturbed? Listen to the episode to find out what we mean!


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We also chat about our some of our favorite things we’ve seen this year, like the viral Grown Ass Adult Dog campaign and a pupper and her human dressed as Taco Bell.

We also tackle the semi-controversial topic of “are pets presents?” (We’re prepared for hate-mail. Come at us, ‘bro.)

All of the ideas in the podcast have one thing in common: They are all community focused. They’re about making your shelter an integral part of your community and a place people love to go.

Got other ideas? Let us know! Oh, and take a shot every time Regina says “like” and you’ll be drunk before the 15-minute mark.

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