Officer Lucky Huff and K9 Wilson Share a Journey of Friendship and Bravery

When Officer Lucky Huff of the McCurtain Police Department in Oklahoma was on his way to San Antonio, Texas to meet his new partner, he was full of nerves. He thought “Will he like me? What will he act like? What if we don’t bond?” Officer Huff’s potential partner, Wilson, isn’t your normal police officer. He’s a dog.


Like many of the dogs chosen for our detection dog training program, Wilson is high energy. That high energy isn’t ideal for a lot of families, but it’s perfect for police work when it’s paired with the drive and focus of a dog who loves to learn.


When they met, it wasn’t an immediate bond. Some handlers can instantly hang out with their dogs on the couch and make time for belly rubs. Every dog has a different personality and some take a little bit of time to become best friends with their human. Still, Officer Huff told us: 

“When I took the leash, we started a journey that I’m thankful for every single day.”
The pair did bond and he says that he believes their bond is stronger than the one other handlers have with their K9s (though we are sure they would disagree!). He says there’s something special about having to earn one another’s trust. Earning a shelter dog’s trust is a common experience for adopters, so we’re sure many of you can identify with this experience.


Though they didn’t become best friends overnight, they cemented their friendship while they were still in training. Officer Huff told us:

“At the hotel one night I let him out of his crate and he finally laid on the bed with me. He was trusting me. [Now] Wilson knows when he gets home and the collar comes off that means its relax time. He turns into a big baby and wants love from everyone in the house.”
Despite the adjustment period, K9 Wilson never had a problem doing his job. When it came time for his state certification, the K9 found all 28 grams of narcotics!


The pair do have a strong bond, but Officer Huff let us in on a little secret, he might not be K9 Wilson’s one true love:

“My wife Shannon is his true love at home! I give the orders but she gives the lovings.”


(All together now, everyone say, “AWWWWW!”)

When they aren’t busting criminals, Officer Huff and K9 Wilson are supporting police officers in need with the S.O.L.E. Six Foundation, which Huff founded. The organization provides funds to police officers, first responders, and their families should they be injured or worse in the line of duty.


We want to give a huge thank you to Officer Huff for becoming a part of the AFF family and for all of his support of our work. And an even bigger thank you to him and to K9 Wilson for selflessly protecting their community and working to keep it drug-free.

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