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Food Pantries

Years ago, we partnered with local food pantries to help offset the financial hardships of pet owners in our community. Working with existing food pantries, rather than creating a separate pet-food pantry, makes life easier for those who already have difficulties obtaining food and other goods. People should have access to essentials for every member of their family all in one place.

As economic times continued to change, we have since expanded those partnerships to include even more services and even more food pantries.

To date we have contributed


In pet food to local food pantries


of pet food

& 4,424 cans of wet food

Distributed to

9 local pantries

(from 2021 – 2022) Learn more about the local food pantries support. *Last updated November 22nd 2022

Veterinary assistance for Local Residents

Animal Farm Foundation works closely with our local animal control officer and veterinarian to provide low cost services including rabies, SNAP, spay/neuter, deworming, wound care, and flea/tick treatments.

To date we have provided a total of


In vet related expenses

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