Breed Discrimination Is Serious and We’re Working to End It


In Sioux City, Iowa, officials can take your dog regardless of how well behaved they are. In Sioux City, someone can decide your dog is a “pit bull” and take it from you and kill it. And you have no recourse. We not only call that unscientific bullshit, we also call it unconstitutional. We’ve taken this case to court.

This isn’t the only time we’ve worked to end breed-discriminatory laws or policies. But we don’t talk about that part of our work much, so you probably don’t know all of the cases or situations to which we’ve contributed legal help or research and consultation. 

This week’s podcast episode is a bit of a behind-the-scenes experience. We (Nikki and Regina) had a call with our Executive Director (Stacey) about what we do to effect change and help end discrimination for dog owners. 

There’s some helpful information for advocates here, like the difference between laws and policy. We also talk about why lobbying isn’t a part of what we do.

Plus, we talk about Virginia spiced wine and mystery beer! So, settle on in and listen to AFF staff chat about BSL.

Visit Sioux City Lawsuit for information on our current legal efforts to seek justice for local dog owners.

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