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We’ve written on our blog about the mandatory spay/neuter legislation that was proposed in South Carolina. The legislation never came to be, but we felt it was important that we open up a larger conversation about mandatory spay/neuter and how it really isn’t an answer to the issues facing communities.

We decided to visit various communities in South Carolina to look at the individual issues they face. Stacey and Bernice discuss their visit and what’s really at the heart of the issues facing these shelters.

As we suspected, most of it boils down to lack of resources or lack of access to available resources.

While many people think that resources are readily available across the county, this simply isn’t true.

We also confirmed that the data used to pinpoint a “pit bull problem” isn’t accurate at all. Dogs with a variety of appearances were labeled all sorts of things, highlighting the fact that visual identification is entirely subjective and that the term “pit bull” doesn’t have any standard definition.

Listen to the podcast for more details from Stacey and Bernice.


You can access a transcript of the podcast via closed-captions on YouTube starting May 2, 2019.

You can also watch them discuss their visit in two Facebook videos. The first is available here and the second here.

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