Giving Tuesday

Give back

Donate a Gift to A
Shelter Dog or Farm ANimal

Make a difference this holiday season

GivingTuesday is a Movement that Unleashes the Power of Radical Generosity Around the World


Spa Day

Give a dog a day at the spa! They'll get to enjoy a trip to our local Tractor Supply store for a luxurious bath and pedicure, along with a pup cup on the way back to the farm.


Bales of Hay

Our donkeys, cows, and horses all have one thing in common; they sure love some hay! Provide our farm animals with their favorite snack this winter.


Cozy Bed For A Senior

Help our senior pups elevate their nap game with a new bed. A warm and cozy spot to snuggle on is the perfect remedy for the cold weather.


Bag Of Dog Food

Our seniors are very serious about their food and never forget to remind us when it's mealtime. Provide these foodies with a bag of their favorite dog food.


Essential Equipment

Give the gift of style! Allow us to provide our farm animals with all the necessary equipment, such as head halters and lead ropes.


Welcome Basket

Provide a "Welcome to the Farm" gift basket to a shelter dog. Our new arrivals will receive all the basics for the next chapter in their lives, including a new collar, treats, toys, and medical care.


Sponsor A Senior Shelter Dog

Our seniors are big ol' lovebugs and we wouldn't change a thing about them! However, sometimes their advanced age comes with more specialized care. Sponsor one of our current senior dogs or a future one to help give them all the things they need to thrive in life.


Thank you for your support

Animal Farm Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization working to create community centric programs for people and their animals, both nationally and locally, right here in the Hudson Valley! 

All proceeds go to supporting the dogs and farm animals in our care.

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