How Do Our Relationships with Dogs Affect Our Relationships with Each Other

Dogs are individuals and so are their people. The new book by Ken Foster, City of Dogs, explores the unique relationship between dozens of New York City dog owners and their best friends. 

We talk with Ken, who is also the Community Pets Program Coordinator at Animal Care Centers of NYC, about what it means to build a relationship with a dog and how those relationships affect how people connect with one another in a bustling city.


The stories have heart, but also give us a glimpse of the realities of life in the big city. There’s poverty, privilege, loss – but most importantly there is love.

The book also features some of our dogs from our PAWS of Purpose prison program. We talk with Ken about what the program means to the inmates and to the dogs, as they teach each other lessons in life skills.

You can buy Ken’s book on Amazon.

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