Donkey Walks

Walk amongst Friends

Donkey Strolls in a Stunning Setting

Experience the Hudson Valley like never before with our private donkey walks, tailored small groups of up to three. Each participant enjoys a leisurely stroll alongside our amiable donkeys, guided through our captivating scenic estate. Additional walkers are warmly welcomed at an extra fee.

Not only do you savor the tranquility of our breathtaking acreage with your donkey, but your participation also contributes to a noble cause. All proceeds from these enchanting walks go directly to support our non-profit programs, making this an opportunity to enjoy luxury with a purpose.

Escape to the Hudson Valley’s natural charm, revel in the company of gentle donkeys, and make a difference with every step. Discover the beauty of giving back through the elegance of our private donkey walks.

Donkey Walk


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Meet the Herd



I am a people pleasure with a Masters degree in consuming hay. I might walk at a snails pace but I will win your heart at super speed. 



As a mom, I’m naturally kind and gentle-hearted. Getting pet is something I truly enjoy.



Hey there! I’m a teenager going through that phase of life where everything is super exciting and fun.  together.