Breed-Specific Legislation Map

Geographically view the current status of BSL across the United States

  • Breed-specific legislation is on the decline with more areas repealing or rejecting it. 
  • Roughly 20 states have laws preventing towns from implementing BSL. (click the tools on the left of the map to view these states)
  • Animal ordinances are trending toward science-based, breed-neutral laws. You can see examples of those in our Advocacy Library.
  • Breed-specific legislation has its roots in racism and is a violation of constitutional rights.
  • With our legal action fund, we’re working to end BSL by helping dog owners take their local governments to court.
  • Data is clustered in pie charts by location. Zoom in or click on a pie chart to uncluster the data.
  • Click on an individual pin to view detailed information about that location’s BSL history.
  • Use the map legend on the left to filter the data points based current BSL outcome.
  • Use the search function to quickly find details about a location.

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