Animal Farm Foundation & Ako Brokerage Services, LLC Present:

The Black Man's DOg


About the Event

The Racial Implications of Breed Restrictions in Home Insurance

In a panel discussion on April 12, experts discussed the racial implications of breed restrictions and the perceived cultural ties between certain dog breeds and Communities of Color.  

 Whether the majority of people within the industry realize it or not, dog breed restrictions are rooted in discrimination against people.

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Our Panel of Experts

Ngozi Nnaji

Principle, Ako Brokerage Services, LLC

Founder of Ako Insurance Consulting, LLC, #1000blackinterns, Black Men of the Insurance Industry Initiative, Black Women of the Insurance Industry Initiative Co-Founder of HBCU I.M.P.A.C.T.TM The Trilogy

Fran Ortiz

Professor of Law, South Texas College of Law

Expert in Animal Law, Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, Water Law, and Property. Faculty sponsor:  Animal Law Society | Environmental Law Society, at South Texas. Co-sponsor:  Hispanic Law Students’ Association

Ann Linder

Research Fellow, Harvard Law School

Wildlife and Live Animal Markets Fellow at Havard Law. Author of The Black Man’s Dog: The Social Context of Breed Specific Legislation. Masters of Science in Animals and Public Policy.

Ivan Hudson

Risk Advisor, Ivan Hudson Agency

Owner of a risk-based solutions firm. Specializing in educating clients on the importance of transferring risk from their businesses and households. 

Florida’s Landmark Legislation: From Breed Bans to Boundless Opportunities

In December 2022, three dogs named Jambo, Ernie, and Miss Pearl left the Miami-Dade Shelter on a journey to Animal Farm Foundation in New York. Despite their good behavior, their appearance as “pit bull” mixes made finding homes for them challenging in Miami-Dade due to breed-specific restrictions. However, a recent bill passed in Florida will eliminate these restrictions, promoting equitable and inclusive dog adoption practices starting from October 2023. This legislation signifies a significant stride towards giving all dogs an equal opportunity to find loving homes.

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