Meet Sherryl

Former mama dog to current boss lady of the farm, Sherryl is one of a kind! She enjoys her humans so much that she would love nothing more than to spend all her days cuddled up with you on the couch. It's her favorite spot to be! She also likes to go on leisurely strolls out in nature and would make a fantastic walking partner!
Contribute to a cozier stay

Have you heard about our awesome senior dog program? It’s a great initiative that gives senior dogs in shelters a cozy place to stay while we look for their new home.  We are always in need of help with thing like medical cost, specialized senior dog food, and cozy blankets.  So if you happen to have a little extra cash lying around, why no donate to our cause? It will put a smile on an old dogs face, trust us; we’ve seen it first hand. Not to mention its just plain good karma, and who doesn’t love good karma? come on, help us make a difference in these senior dogs life’s. 


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