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Service dogs

We started our service dog program because we knew that people with disabilities experienced discrimination by not having equal access to their communities. 

We knew we could address this issue and address the stigma surrounding shelter and “pit bull” dogs while we did it.

*applications for the program are currently closed.

About the program

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“The impact of the service program that we have is. so much bigger than anyone could imagine because it’s not just the individual dogs and the individual people, their families get to see them thrive, the dogs are in communities that get to see them thrive, we get to work with shelters and see other animals thrive…”

Bernice Clifford, Director of Behavior & Training

Types of Service Dogs

We train psychiatric service dogs, hearing dogs, and mobility dogs to help with a variety of disabilities.

Finding Potential Service Dogs

Our trainers visit shelters across the U.S. to choose our service dog candidates. We look for dogs who are good with handling, loud noises, and other animals, etc… We also look for confidence in their personality.

Service Dog Teams

Both dogs and people are individuals. We match dogs and people based on a person’s needs, a dog’s skill set, and both of their personalities. After the pair is matched, we further tailor the dog’s training to meet the individual needs of the person.

Service Dog Success Stories

Thanks to a grant from Petco Love, three of our service dog handlers, all with different disabilities, got to tell their story about how their service dog changed their life.