UPDATE on Luna, Her Family, and The Plea Deal that Disappeared

If you are unfamiliar with this case, please go here to read backround information.

We still don’t know if Luna is alive or even if she’s still at the impoundment kennel. The reason we wonder about Luna’s condition is because the more we learn about how the city of Williston, ND treated Luna’s family, the less sense it makes to us.

On April 29, a plea agreement to resolve the charges and allow Luna’s family to get her back was signed by Jessica, Jessica’s attorney, a Williston, ND city attorney, and the presiding judge who entered an order accepting the agreement. The plea agreement and order appeared on the court’s electronic docket system. However, when Jessica arrived to pay any outstanding fees and pick up Luna, the plea agreement and court’s order disappeared from the database. Jessica went to her attorney’s office to get a signed copy of the agreement. When she returned to present the agreement and pick up Luna, she was informed by the desk attendant that the city attorney refused to honor the deal.

We don’t know why this happened, or even how it happened, but the attorneys representing Jessica and Luna are trying to figure it out.

Below are images of the signed plea agreement.

Animal Farm Foundation is underwriting a lawsuit brought by Williston dog owners who have stories similar to Luna’s family. We’re also covering Jessica’s legal fees related to Williston, North Dakota’s breed-specific legislation. You can make a general donation toward the lawsuit or make a note that you would like your contribution to go toward Jessica’s BSL-related legal costs.

It’s been over 45 days since Luna has seen her family. Please continue to share this story, the city of Williston needs to know we won’t forget about Jessica, Luna, and their family.

We will update with more information as soon as we have anything to share.